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New projectors from SONY
SONY Professional launches 4 new projectors from the VPL-D200 Series Data Projectors: VPL-DW241, VPL-DX271, VPL-DX241 & VPL-DX221.
High Image Quality
The features of the VPL-D200 Series are well suited to a wide range of business and education applications, all available at reasonable prices.

- Various picture modes
A new Vivid Mode o ers a much more brilliant color experience with D200 Series projectors. Each projector has seven available picture modes for correct picture quality: Vivid, Dynamic, Standard, Presentation, Blackboard, Whiteboard, and Cinema. With seven picture modes and three brightness modes combined, you can create the optimal image by selecting the most suitable picture/brightness combination according to the picture source and environment.

- Vivid
Strongly emphasizes colors and brightness to produce uplifting feeling and eye-catching.

- Presentation
The picture is ideal to deliver a presentation under uorescent lights in o ces and classrooms.

- Dynamic
Emphasizes contrast to produce rich color especially with stable and well-adjusted white color.

- Whiteboard/Blackboard
Optimized to deliver clear images on a blackboard/ whiteboard in the classroom, supporting teaching when there is no projection screen.

- Standard
Delivers an image that is natural and well balanced.

- Cinema
Fine-tuned to enjoy watching movies at home.

- Natural and vivid colour images
The projector separates the lamp output light into the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) and it can create a picture that responds to each color, restore and superimpose the three lights (immediately before the lamp output light goes out), and then project the light. By constantly emitting all red, green and blue lights, the D200 Series enables you to project images that are bright, natural, and gentle on the eye.
Easy to use
- Connectivity: 2 HDMI + USB Power Supply (Except VPL-DX221)
With two HDMI ports and one USB power supply port, you can concurrently connect PCs and any dongle you own (a small device with an HDMI port, which o ers various functions to widen usage).

- Mirroring
When using Miracast-compatible dongle, you can directly project the screen of your PC and tablets.

- Stick PC Connection
Applicable for high-spec stick PC connection; the space between the two HDMI ports is wide enough to connect a stick PC in one port and also means that another HDMI connection is available. The power supply ability is up to 5V2A. (Maximum resolution of the INPUT C terminal is up to 720p.)

- Auto Start
When a VGA or HDMI signal is detected from the PC, the light power of the projector automatically turns on.

- Presentation Timer
Using the presentation timer function, you can easily manage the presentation time. This function is helpful when there is a strictly determined presentation duration. By managing the meeting time, the projector can also enhance all participants’ awareness of the passage of time and help them concentrate during the meeting.

- Audio out for active speakers
Allows you to direct audio from a connected speaker when video is input by HDMI connection. You can choose the size/sound of the speaker depending on the usage environment.
Good TCO
- Energy e cient with long - lasting lamp replacement time (10,000 hours)
The lamp driver optimally controls the wattage of the lamp and achieves a long-lasting lamp replacement time of 10,000 hours with lamp brightness set to low.

- Lamp dimming function
After 10 seconds of a static signal feed, the lamp dims by approximate 15% which is hardly noticeable. If one of these projectors is left powered on while not in use, after a set period of time it will automatically detect no change of signal input and will dim the lamp to as low as approximate 30% of original brightness to signi cantly reduce energy consumption.

- Auto Mode
The brightness of the lamp’s output is automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the projected image, to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
When showing darker images that don’t require high brightness, lamp output decreases.
Ease of Use (for System Installer)
- Top side lamp access
This access allows you to realize quick maintenance without dismounting the projector from its ceiling mount.

- Menu Setting Lock
Protect unexpected setting change. Reduce the labor hour to reset the settings.

Info: www.sony.it/pro

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