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Elation ACL 360 Bar for Denmark’s Scarlet Pleasure
The live visuals for Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure used an automated lighting rig that included striking effects from rows of Elation Professional ACL 360 Bar moving battens during its largest concert to date.
Elation ACL 360 Bar for Denmark’s Scarlet Pleasure
Theis Wermuth of lighting design company Create This has been handling the live visuals for Scarlet Pleasure since 2015. The Danish musical trio’s popularity is on the rise with the band recently playing its largest concerts to date, a pair of one-off shows that Wermuth lit using an automated lighting rig that included striking effects from rows of Elation Professional ACL 360 Bar moving battens.

Scarlet Pleasure has topped the Danish charts recently with a string of hits that cover soft ballads to more energetic dance songs and the band has toured with success the last two years, selling out clubs and smaller live music venues across Denmark. The two recent shows – one at the Forum Black Box in Copenhagen on March 23rd and the other at the Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus the following night – marked a milestone for the band. “Both shows took place in larger venues and both were sold out,” Wermuth said. “They showed how popular the band has become and we’re looking forward to a series of upcoming summer festival dates.”

Wermuth had used Elation’s color-changing ACL 360 Bar previously on Scarlet Pleasure’s 2017 winter tour as a side light effect and liked the depth of look they added in the tour’s smaller clubs. “I wanted to achieve the same look on the two one-off shows and their larger stages,” the designer said. “We had three horizontal lines of fixtures on each side of the stage running from downstage to upstage - 60 total - and used them as washing side light and to create different beam looks. They were a very visible part of the look of the show.”

Wermuth, who says the band will come with occasional lighting input but generally trusts him to create what he thinks works best, could get very different looks out of the ACL 360 Bars from both horizontal and vertical alignments. “I created waves of light from each side of the stage, rolling waves of beams that gave a lot of movement to the set,” Wermuth explains. “I also used the fixture’s individual pixel control for pixel separation looks, for example where only the outer LEDs on each fixture are lit.” For another special look, the LD pointed all of the ACL 360 Bars toward the back of the band’s lead singer with LED video forming a backdrop. The set-up featured three large upstage LED screens that often gave off a substantial amount of light but the narrow-beam LED bar luminaire with its seven 15W RGBW LEDs cut through them well, according to the LD.

Lighting gear for the two special shows, which also included a number of discharge and LED moving heads as well as strobe lights, was supplied through Nordic Rentals.


Photos: Morten Rygaard

Info: www.elationlighting.eu

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