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Game time! Large Elation Lighting System for Polsat Esports Studio
Polish design and installation company ARAM has outfitted a new esports studio in Poland with a flexible, state-of-the-art Elation lighting system. The studio, at Polsat television in Warsaw, is equipped with the latest in studio-optimized LED luminaires designed to provide players and viewers with the best esports experience, whether watching the event on TV, online or in person.
Game time! Large Elation Lighting System for Polsat Esports Studio
The custom Elation lighting solution includes everything from dynamic white-light LED array panels and high-quality white light ellipsoidal spots to full-color batten, par and LED moving head luminaires that deliver a wider spectrum of chromatic and effect options. Incorporated in the rig are some of Elation's newest luminaires, including Artiste series LED moving heads.

As one of the few technical production companies specialized in esports, ARAM has stood behind the design and technical production of some of the largest esports shows in the world, experience that has given them unique insight into how an esports project should be tailored and delivered. “Esports is an industry with a particular set of needs and requires different show formatting,” states ARAM co-owner Rafa? Mrzyg?ocki. “Although the type of lighting required is generally the same as any other television studio – generally high quality white light – player lighting was also a factor to consider, meaning we had to be careful not to obstruct the players’ vision or interfere with their communication. As for the audience, they must be able to enjoy the action inside the game.”

The Polsat studio was completed in July as the first broadcast-owned esports studio in the country. The flexible space allows for different configurations, for example news desks can move in and out so the studio can be used according to needs. The alternating designs play to the Elation lighting system’s strength as the intelligent lights adjust accordingly. “Mostly the space is lit as a traditional studio but sometimes there are special looks like an opening cue for instance, when a match completes and at other times,” comments Mrzyg?ocki, who notes that another important requirement was for all the lighting to be LED based so as not to overheat the players.

“Elation has launched more interesting products over the past few years and we’ve also noticed they have been on more and more top productions,” continues Mrzyg?ocki, who adds that he has used Elation on ESL One series esports shows in the past and other projects. “The quality is excellent and the products are well designed. Overall, it is excellent value for money.”

With the development of dedicated esports studios key for the development of the sport, the Polsat facility has been a welcome addition to the genre. “We see a big demand for permanent installations of esports studios. Polsat esports studio is a second permanent studio we have provided and I believe not the last,” Mrzyg?ocki concludes.
Elation equipment
112 x SixBar 1000™
32 x Platinum SEVEN™
17 x Artiste Picasso™
32 x Artiste DaVinci™
82 x Fuze Par Z60 IP™
8 x TVL 2000 II MK2™
6 x TVL 1000 II™
13 x CW Profile HP™
4 x Cuepix Panel™

Info: www.elationlighting.eu

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