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Logic & Magic Inc. uses Blackmagic for their motion capture studio "TunedID Studio"
Blackmagic Design announced that TUNEDiD studio, a motion capture studio based in Tokyo and owned by LOGIC & MAGIC Inc., was built using Smart Videohub routers, ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K switcher and Teranex Express converters. TUNEDiD studio is one of the largest motion capture studios in Japan, and uses Blackmagic Design products with more than 50 motion capture cameras to create high quality 3DCG animations.
Logic & Magic Inc. uses Blackmagic for their motion capture studio "TunedID Studio"
The studio is a production studio capable of capturing the motions of more than 10 people at the same time, creating high quality 3DCG animations and virtual live streaming by CG characters for their growing CG and game development offerings.

Beyond the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K, Smart Videohub and Teranex Express, Japanese company LOGIC & MAGIC had previously installed a number of other Blackmagic Design products including HyperDeck Studio Mini and HyperDeck Studio 12G.

Ryuji Tominaga, Live/Production Department of LOGIC & MAGIC Inc., said: “Blackmagic fits what we wanted to do within a limited budget. If we would use other manufacturers’ products similar to what we have now with Blackmagic, it would cost so much more. Also, we expect some operators outside of our company to use this facility and because Blackmagic products are used all over the world we thought it would be easier for anyone to use the equipment.”

In TUNEDiD studio’s main A studio, there are 54 motion capture cameras installed, with footage rendered in a game engine with CG characters in real time. Rendered pictures are sent to a Smart Videohub 40x40, which is used as a hub for all video sources in this studio.

”The A studio is 4K supported to be future ready but for now our recording software is still HD compatible, so the rendered video from the Videohub is down converted to HD and synched with timecode via Teranex Express and then sent back to the Videohub again to record into a PC.”

Four video sources from the Videohub are sent to a multiviewer via four Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI, and output from the multiviewer is then sent back to the Smart Videohub via Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI.

“Even though this studio is mainly for motion capture, we sometimes have live action shooting. We use the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K to composite CG characters and live action video to temporary check how it looks. We use macro functions on the ATEM to record footage onto three HyperDeck Studio 12Gs all at once. We also have virtual live concerts of CG characters in this studio and we use the HyperDeck Studio 12G to record those in 4K60P. In the future, we will also be adding subtitles, and upload via some video streaming platform with this set up,” he continued.

In TUNEDiD studio’s B studio, set up for HD use projects, they use Smart Videohub 20x20, three HyperDeck Studio Minis and an ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. The ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is used to composite CG characters shot on green screen and background CG and then the output is recorded by a HyperDeck Studio Mini.

Yoshishige Matsuo, the director of LOGIC & MAGIC Inc., said: “Originally, we used to do what we do now at B studio at a different studio, where we also used Blackmagic product. When we moved the studio to TUNEDiD studio, we decided to buy the same Blackmagic products to rebuild the studio again, as they were easy to use.”

“We have installed various Blackmagic products. The design of those products are all simple and easy to use. The interface is user friendly, which anyone can use once you play with it,“ Matsuno concluded.

Info: www.blackmagicdesign.com

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