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CueCore Illuminates at Tiffany & Co.
Australian based design & installation company, Illumination Physics, recently completed the lighting refit of the Tiffany & Co.® flagship store on Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. The clean, bright design by Peter Kemp of Illumination Physics perfectly mirrors the jewels sold within the store.
CueCore Illuminates at Tiffany & Co.
The Tiffany shopfront required an even spread of light with accurate colour mixing, from fixtures placed in a cramped space providing very little projection angle. Sourcing LED's from the Illumination Physics manufacturing facility, Kemp was able to provide a technical solution enabling a bright and even coverage on the facade.

For control of the faà§ade Kemp choose for the CueCore solid-state lighting controller, supplied by Visual Productions' distributor in Australia, Melbourne based LightTechnik. Kemp required of his control choice, a solid-state solution with the ability to control the levels of each individual colour within each fixture, therefore allowing the lighting of the faà§ade to be totally balanced for each colour look required.

The CueCore was programmed by John Stanley from LightTechnik, liaising with Kemp to insure that the brief from Tiffany & Co. was adhered to.

The Cuecore was programmed by the "˜DMX in'feature using the Cuelux Lighting control software, also from Visual Productions. During the programming phase, Stanley used the CueCore's OSC protocol for an app on an iPad to communicate to Cuelux. This gave him the flexibility to walk across the road, with the designer Peter Kemp, to view the entire faà§ade.

The Cuecore runs with a start up trigger command programmed in the scheduler using the time & day function, beginning everyday with the infamous "˜Tiffany Blue'. The Tiffany & Co. staff can then override this and select one of eight preprogrammed colours via a custom-made button station. The button station was connected to the CueCore's 4 on-board dry contact closures and to an additional GPI expansion module.

Stanley found programming his first CueCore install to be a positive experience, stating; "The entire Visual Productions range of products have been amazingly robust and intuitive. Its great to have that peace of mind straight out of the box, it just works."

Tiffany & Co. launched their enlarged and renovated store to great appraisal earlier this year. Rightly proud of his design, Kemp stated "This stunning front entrance is an exemplary example of how meticulous planning, clever innovation and creative illumination can come together to produce an effect that is both evocative and unique. The result is a powerful and distinctive faà§ade that enlivens Collins Street and beautifully showcases the store by bathing it in a variety of colours, including the world renowned "˜Tiffany Blue'."

Info: www.visualproductions.nl

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