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Laserworld Starts New Generation of Show Laser Lights.
The RTI FEMTO comes with a newly developed white light laser module, diode equipped for all colors including green.
Laserworld Starts New Generation of Show Laser Lights.
Reduced size, new laser modules, improvements in color mixing and advanced scanning technology – Laserworld and its subsidiaries have pushed many new developments to the market during the past months and years and the latest creation has arrived.

The RTI FEMTO Series is being launched by Laserworld mid to late November 2013, with the models RTI FEMTO RGB 3.5 and RTI FEMTO RGB 7 with the series aiming for professional users and semiprofessionals moving to the next level of quality. “The new FEMTO products are great for all different kinds of show laser applications. They can be used on extremely professional level as well basic applications through their versatility and ease of use. As the price point is decisive nowadays, these systems definitely challenge the market with their low prices and still with German manufacturing” says Norbert Stangl, Sales & Marketing Director at the Laserworld Group.

New to the Market.

The RTI FEMTO comes with a newly developed white light laser module, diode equipped for all colors including green. The beam is very accurate in shape and has a low divergence of 0.8mrad (full angle) giving high definition to the beams. The system is configured as a clean diode solution, which ensures great color fading behavior and color stability – perfect for high professional applications. The FEMTOs come as standard with newly developed scanners that work at a speed of over 45kpps @ 8° with an optional upgrade to extra fast CT-6210HP scanners with special RTI drivers for enhanced accuracy.

Premium features.

A detachable remote control touch pad, similar to the one already known from the premium RTI PIKO and RTI NANO Series, comes with every FEMTO system. This control pad not only allows easy color balancing and adjustments, but also provides the option to adjust the size and position of the scanned image. In addition, it is possible to set different safety features through this control pad including a Key Switch and a safety shut off button.

One very new feature introduced with the new RTI FEMTO product line: The Signal Threshold Level (STL) Technology. With a few clicks it is possible to re-adjust the ILDA signal to alter signal power threshold. This is especially useful if there is low current signal noise or blind current.

It is also possible to set a safety zone with the remote control pad, this provides the option to have reduced power in the lower zone where the audience is scanned and higher power in the upper part displaying overhead beams. The color reduction for the lower zone can be individually set per laser color source, so even a color balancing for the different safety zones is possible.

Equipment and control features.

All FEMTO projectors as standard are equipped with the ILDA interface for professional computer control. In addition to that it is possible to order further control features, like integrated Pangolin FB3 SE (provides DMX control feature, Stand-Alone mode and timer features) or MicroNet integration (for LAN control over TCP/IP with Phoenix Showcontroller software. Also provides DMX and Stand-alone features). Wireless DMX (W-DMX) is available upon request too.

Info: www.laserworld.com

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