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Laserworld Proline Series.
Laserworld published a new product range to fill the gap between the very budget solutions of the Club Series and the more professional Pure Micro Series.
Laserworld Proline Series.
Show laser light systems became very cheap in the past years. However, there are huge differences between different solutions. Laserworld published a new product range, the Proline Series, to fill the gap between the very budget solutions of the Club Series and the more professional Pure Micro Series.

Two power levels are provided in a first step – the PRO-700RGB with up to 700mW power, and the PRO-1300RGB with up to 1.300mW power. In contrast to the Club Series projectors the Proline units come with the bright 637nm red, which increases overall visibility. The small housings and the light weight make the units perfect for applications in nightclubs, bars or for mobile DJs. Due to the compact setup and versatility they are also suitable for rental companies.

The units of the Proline Series come with fast and angle stable 40kpps scanners. As extension to the product range, an “advanced” version of the Proline lasers is available. These systems have the additional full analogue modulation feature, which allows creation of smooth color fades and beautiful beam effects.

The very advantage of the Proline Series is the integrated Glass Effects Actuator: The lasers not only run in normal scanner mode, but have, similar to an optical bench, three additional grating effects that can easily be switched through DMX.

Integrated Effects:

1. Normal scanner mode – make emotionalizing beam shows and graphics projections.
2. Burst Grating mode – the scanned pattern is multiplied many times and covers a wide range.
3. 3D Effect mode – creates a great 3D-looking effect on the scanned pattern.
4. Radial Pattern Effect mode – A Pattern is displayed in the center, the Effect shows a multitude of this projection in circles around the center projection.

The Proline Series units can be fully controlled through ILDA. DMX, Sound to light and Stand-alone operation is possible too. If run in ILDA mode, the additional effects can quickly be selected through DMX– or simply change automatically (can be adjusted).

If several units need to run in stand-alone or sound-to-light mode, they can easily be daisy-chained for Master-Slave operation.

An extended mounting bracket offers additional options for setting up the Proline lasers: It is especially designed to allow nearly 360° turns of the laser housing around the mounting axis, so the laser may even face 180° of the mounting point.

The new Proline Series is both affordable and very strong. It will be especially used for applications, where the Club Series is too weak or the CS specifications are not sufficient, but the budget is tight. The many additional effects allow new ways of creating emotionalizing laser show effects, which cannot be realized with conventional systems.

Info: www.laserworld.com

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