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RTI NANO laser show systems at the ECHO Awards 2015
The “ECHO Awards” is a German music award event that took place in Berlin and where three RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were used.
RTI NANO laser show systems at the ECHO Awards 2015
The “ECHO Awards” is a German music award event that took place in Berlin on 26th March 2015. The winners of this event are not chosen by a jury, but by the number of record sales and chart positions. The ECHO is said to be the most important music award in Europe.

For the 2015 show, the organizers decided to accompany the live performance of Robin Schulz with an elegant laser performance. Three RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were used, especially to achieve a great balanced white laser light and to avoid flicker effects on the video, this is due to the equally powerful laser sources and the high performance scanning systems. Laserfabrik, who did the laser show operation, chose the RTI laser gear to be able to deliver a high class performance.

The ECHO show videos show the laser performance together with the set of Robin Schulz (see video on the left-hand side).

The RTI NANO RGB 30 has a guaranteed output power of 28’000mW and a typical output power of 32’000mW – full color RGB and with an amazing white balance!

These laser projector is equipped with laser diodes and green OPSL modules with a “10-10-10? setup: the three color sources come with nearly equal power of >10W/638nm, >10W/530nm and >10.4W/450nm. The special type of modules provides brilliant colors and great color mixtures, especially the 638nm diodes guarantee a bright red. Beam accuracy and beam shape is extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for high professional applications. The compact built laser systems are waterproof according to IP65 and the housings are very durable.

The NANO RGB 30 now comes with CT-6215HP scanners with original CT Big Boy drivers as a standard. The scan speed of 60kpps@8° makes these units suitable for every possible event. These white light laser devices guarantee great quality even at long distance projections with very good beam specifications of only ca. 6mm/>1.0mrad.

Therefore, the central features of the RTI NANO RGB 30 are:

- 28W perfect white balance
- the “10-10-10? Setup – nearly equal power for all color sources
- solely 638nm diodes for ultra bright red (instead of the darker 658nm diodes)
- great beam specifications at full angle (ca. 6mm/>1.0mrad)
- CT-6215HP scanners with original CT Big Boy drivers
- two years warranty

All RTI NANO RGB projectors are equipped with ILDA interface for standard computer control. In addition to that it is possible to order optional contol modes, like LAN, DMX, SD-card or auto mode. Even W-DMX is available on request.

Projector settings can easily be adjusted through the versatile remote touch control pad.

Info: www.laserworld.com

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