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Lighting / Laserworld
Laserworld is an important supplier for showlaser products as well as for services and solutions related to showlasers. Laserworld AG itself offers laser sales, laser rental, laser installations and project solutions. Through a large distribution network our laser projectors are sold all over the world.

Laserworld is a fast-growing company and a worldwide important supplier of showlaser systems. We have a very wide product range starting with low priced and small devices up to high end laser systems for highest demands. We are proud to offer you a broad product range, which is strategically well positioned in the market.

The entire development and production of our laser systems is done in own production lines. Our products are of superior quality at a very high technical level. Furthermore, our laser projectors fulfill all European safety standards including CE, CCC, RoHS and GS certificates.

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG
Kreuzlingerstrasse 5
8574 Lengwil-Oberhofen
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19 December 2019
MicroNet Slim hardware for PHOENIX Showcontroller supported by new Showcontroller laser software
The MicroNet Slim interface, a network laser interface specifically sold in combination with Phoenix Showcontroller software in the past, is compatible to the Showcontroller laser control software...
17 December 2019
RTI PIKO RGB 28 with the latest RTI Semiconductor Laser Module generation
The RTI PIKO RGB 28 has been released by Ray Technologies GmbH as the flagship product with the latest RTI laser module generation. “This new laser module technology really changes the way...
25 November 2019
Laserworld releases safe effects laser for DJs and nightclubs
The new EL-300RGB from Laserworld is the perfect effects laser for the use in small to medium sized rooms.
01 August 2019
Laserworld Group releases intelligent laser light system tarm 2.5
A new generation of laser devices has recently been released by the Laserworld Group: With the integration of a powerful mainboard, the tarm 2.5 laser light systems became intelligent lighting...
12 July 2019
Laserworld CS-2000RGB FX
The CS-2000RGB just got an upgrade! The Laserworld CS-2000RGB FX replaces our popular Laserworld CS-2000RGB, it offers many additional features and is available now.
10 July 2019
ShowNET becomes mainboard for most laser systems of the Laserworld Group
Laser control becomes much easier now: The Laserworld Group integrates the ShowNET interface as mainboard to most of their laser systems.
05 April 2019
PL+S 2019: Laserworld
Laserworld are presenting their Showcontroller software here at Prolight + Sound 2010, a laser show management suite specially designed for professional use. Inside, there are five sections: Live...
22 March 2019
New FB4 Content Pack
Pangolin has been working with industry leading laserists and lighting designers, to create a custom laser content pack that will now come natively on the FB4 hardware.
19 March 2019
New FB4 Profile - Download it now. Demo it in Frankfurt.
Our new and expanded FB4 profile will be one of the centerpieces of our booth at Prolight+Sound.
15 March 2019
New KINETIC TARGET plugin for BEYOND software
KINETIC lights have been extremely popular in recent times, especially when you combine them with lasers. And our programming team has been actively working on expanding BEYOND’s functionality,...
05 February 2019
Laserworld becomes distribution partner for LaserAnimation Sollinger
Laserworld announces start of the distribution of LaserAnimation Sollinger PHAENON accurate laser systems.
16 January 2019
Showcontroller ­- New Laser Show and Multimedia Software released
Laserworld released “Showcontroller”, a new laser show control software that was especially designed for professional use. The software is designed as a software suite with several parts to the...
13 November 2018
Outdoor laser system for logo and architecture projections released
With the PL-5500RGB Outdoor, Laserworld released a professional laser system specifically dedicated to the outdoor use for logo, text and architecture projections.
03 May 2018
New FB4 Firmware
Pangolin released its new advanced FB4 firmware at Prolight+Sound 2018.
26 April 2018
New Laserworld Diode Series released
New product release at prolight+sound 2018: Laserworld releases a new edition of the Laserworld Diode Series with improved beam specifications in a completely redesigned housing.
24 April 2018
10 years of changing the industry - 10 years Laserworld AG
Throughout the past 10 years, the show laser light industry has undergone, and still undergoes, a significant change process. Read here about the Laserworld story and how it has changed the laser...
23 April 2018
PLS 2018: Modular RTI NEO ONE laser systems on PRG stage
The RTI NEO ONE modular laser systems for professional applications and lighting designers were first published at Prolight + Sound last year. This year, they were featured on the PRG Stage in their...
19 April 2018
Laserworld releases updated Purelight Series
Raw power is what many buyers of laser systems demand. Laserworld updated their Purelight Series so they come in a smaller housing, are lighter and built with enhanced laser sources. Great white...
18 April 2018
PLS 2018: Laserworld
Laserworld just published a 360° walk through the halls of Prolight + Sound 2018. Watch the video here.
03 April 2018
PLS 2018: Social Media Talk @ Laserworld
You are invited to come to the Laserworld stand C22 in hall 5.0 at the PLS in Frankfurt to directly watch the live talk happening - and you're invited to stay there to join the Laserworld stand party...
23 January 2018
Learn about lasers - BEYOND 4.0 Tutorials are here!
It's a New Year, and Pangolin is excited to release new BEYOND 4.0 tutorials! This article will help you to prepare for some of the new features that are coming in the latest BEYOND 4.0 update.
19 December 2017
Laserworld Showeditor V6 released
Laserworld released the latest version of the Laserworld Showeditor professional laser control software in Version 6.
09 October 2017
Find the suitable laser system based on your application
The new Find your Laser tool allows for searching the huge laser portfolio by type of application or based on technical specifications. Thus it is very easy to narrow down the selection of relevant...
31 July 2017
RTI Product Innovations
Laserworld presents two new innovative lasers from RTI: PIKO RGB 20 PD e NANO RGB 30 PD.
15 May 2017
Laserworld at MIR in Rimini 2017
Laserworld was very successful at the MIR - Music inside Rimini - together with Audio Effetti last week.
02 May 2017
Laserworld presents new technology with RTI PIKO
Technology change in high power green laser sources in the new RTI PIKO RGB 20 laser system
27 April 2017
Tarm presents a new laser light system: Tarm DOT
Tarm DOT is a white light RGB show laser system with starry sky effect for professional use and especially suitable for touring and production.
26 April 2017
Newly developed RTI NEO ONE
Newly developed RTI NEO ONE allows for completely new lighting designs - lasers for large scale productions reinvented.
25 April 2017
New garden lighting effect released
LED and laser combined in one for effective indoor and outdoor illumination – the new GARDEN STAR LED from Laserworld.
21 February 2017
Laserworld presents the new Purelight Series
Laserworld's Purelight Series with 6W, 10W and 20W offers high power for a low price with a good white balance.
02 November 2016
Christmas Laser Light Effects launched by Laserworld
The Laserworld Christmas laser light effects are more than just firefly starshower lasers: They project actual Christmas themed patterns in different colors.
07 October 2016
QuickShow 3.0 – The World’s Easiest Laser Show Software
With the release of QuickShow 3.0, Pangolin has further expanded the program’s functionality, while still retaining the software’s ease of use.
04 October 2016
Laserworld EL-230RGB released
The Laserworld EL-230RGB is a new RGB whitelight laser system with sound-to-light, stand alone and DMX operation mode.
17 August 2016
Tarm® two released
With the release of the new tarm® two, the Laserworld Group set a significant landmark with a laser system that catches the attraction.
02 August 2016
Tarm® shows new products
Tarm is launching a new website and is showing several new laser systems that have recently been developed.
20 June 2016
BEYOND Interactive Tutorial
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
13 June 2016
Universe and PangoScript Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
10 June 2016
BEYOND Visualization Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
09 June 2016
Lasergraph DSP with a new user interface
LaserAnimation’s Lasergraph DSP is a laser show control solution that is in the market for many years already.
08 June 2016
BEYOND 3D Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
01 June 2016
BEYOND Effect Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
31 May 2016
BEYOND Timeline Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
24 May 2016
BEYOND "Live" Control Tutorials
Pangolin has created a wealth of tutorial videos for Pangolin software, as well as educational videos on lasers, safety, and the technology in general.
20 May 2016
Tarm releases new laser series
Two, Four and Seven Watt RGB, 45kpps@8° and a browser interface for system configuration – these are the key facts that encourage to have a closer look at the new tarm Series from Laserworld.
10 May 2016
Tarm releases new laser series
Two, Four and Seven Watt RGB, 45kpps@8° and a browser interface for system configuration – these are the key facts that encourage to have a closer look at the new tarm Series.
02 May 2016
Laserworld Release the EL-500RGB KeyTEX
Lasers are becoming more and more popular and mobile DJs and smaller nightclubs often request a particular product that is now being launched by Laserworld.
22 April 2016
Laserworld releases free ILDA laser software
At this year’s Prolight & Sound Frankurt, Laserworld announced the release of their Showeditor FREE.
21 April 2016
RTI releases world’s first white light laser beam array with beam positioning
RTI released world’s first RGB white light, analog modulated beam array with real scanners.
14 April 2016
Laserworld launched many new laser products at PLS 2016
Laserworld launched several new products at this year’s prolight+sound, amongst them also two world-first releases: The RTI NEO SIX RGB beam arrays and the HB-Laser Poseidon 3D-HydroMatrix HD.
13 April 2016
More than 400W laser power on the PRG Stage at PLS 2016
Like every year, the Production Resource Group (PRG) created their spectacular “Highlight Show” in the Festhalle at prolight+sound 2016.
07 April 2016
Laserworld at PLS 2016
The big announcement from Laserworld at Prolight & Sound 2016 is the joining of TARM to the Laserworld family.
01 April 2016
Nuovo listino Laserworld - aprile 2016
Laserworld annuncia il nuovo listino prezzi al pubblico datato aprile 2016.
29 March 2016
New laser control - QuickShow and BEYOND 3.0
To commemorate 30 years in business, Pangolin is releasing brand new versions of its most popular software!
14 March 2016
TARM becomes a member of the Laserworld Group
The brand TARM has been well established in the laser industry for 35 years already – since January 2016, TARM laser technologies has become a member of the Laserworld Group.
02 December 2015
New Laser Show Software from Laserworld
Laserworld releases a brand-new laser show control software: The all-in-one Laser Show control software is in stock and ready for all Laserists.
28 September 2015
Short black ILDA cable for new-style network laser control interfaces
Laserworld offers a short ILDA cable especially designed for connecting LAN interfaces to the laser systems.
22 September 2015
Laserworld Group impress at BPM / PRO show
The BPM and PRO shows in Birmingham, UK, are both aimed at their respective markets, with DJ being directed at DJ’s and entertainers, and Pro targeting professional entertainment technology...
08 September 2015
CS-1000RGB MKII follows the legendary Club Series laser of Laserworld
With their new CS-1000RGB MKII, Laserworld releases the follower of the extremely successful Laserworld CS-1000RGB.
04 September 2015
External Pangolin Flashback 4 LAN interface
The new Flashback 4 (FB-4) network interface from Pangolin Systems is now available in a professional and durable aluminum housing.
08 June 2015
A State Of Trance with Lasers Manufactured by Ray Technologies
“A State of Trance” (ASOT) commissioned Laserfabrik to install a range of Laserworld Group installed by Laserfabrik lasers for the event.
27 May 2015
HB-Laser illuminated a whole City with a huge multimedia installation
The Austrian City Schärding on the Inn River, right on the border of Germany, had the whole city illuminated with a multimedia spectacular during the winter season.
12 May 2015
Successful Laserworld Diode Series extended by a 2.4W RGB laser system
The Laserworld Diode Series is a well-established laser product line in the market, which becomes more and more popular.
10 May 2015
RTI VELOX – The First Laser Moving Head With Infinite PAN & TILT
Lighting Designers, production and rental companies will love this new laser moving head: Different laser powers are available and it does not require any laser operator or laser company.
06 May 2015
Laserworld AG Laser Gear Installed for Mayday Electronic Music Festival
Laskerfabrik designed and implemented laser gear from Laserworld Group for Mayday Electronic Music Festival.
04 May 2015
Laserworld releases the BeamBar Series
With the new BeamBar Series, Laserworld launches a low price solution in the product range of single beam fan projection laser bars.
18 April 2015
PL+S 2015: Lasershow videos from Laserworld
Laserworld was present in the “Festhalle” on the PRG demo stage of Prolight+Sound with 22 RTI lasers in use, with an overall power of more than 300W of laser power.
14 April 2015
HB-Laser Celebrates 25 Years with the Launch of its New Website
HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2015. On their brand new website they also show a collection of their projects from these past years.
11 April 2015
Masters of Hardcore celebrate with Laserworld Group
The Hard Dance electronic music event “Masters of Hardcore” celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015 – titled “20 Years of Rebellion”.
09 April 2015
RTI NANO laser show systems at the ECHO Awards 2015
The “ECHO Awards” is a German music award event that took place in Berlin and where three RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were used.
31 March 2015
SwissLas PM-10.000 RGB
The SwissLass PM-10.000RGBW RGB laser in Pure Micro housing from Laserworld fits extreme laser powers into very compact enclosure.
25 February 2015
Laserworld releases handy Fixture Profiles and Presets
Fixture profiles and presets for lasers are usually limited in DMX software libraries, but Laserworld is out to change this.
01 December 2014
HB-Laser launches new IP86 waterproof laser series
Events become more and more spectacular, and thus the demand for durable laser systems increases. HB-Laser launched a new IP68 waterproof laser line.
18 November 2014
The Laserworld Diode Series released
The new Diode Series laser systems from Laserworld is new on the market, but already experiences massive demand from the market.
02 November 2014
High power Pure Diode Laser
The PIKO RGB 11 PD has a guaranteed output power of 10W RGB after aperture and is equipped with diode laser sources only.
27 October 2014
SwissLas releases new ultra compact Pure Micro PM-8200RGB laser
High power in a super compact housing – SwissLas is known for very compact show laser light systems.
22 October 2014
RTI releases RTI NANO RGB 30 with “10-10-10" setup
The new released RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were especially developed for professional users with high demands.
21 October 2014
State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd
The State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, is a huge exhibition of flowers and rare plants.
18 October 2014
David Guetta - Belgium
On the 18th of October David Guetta gave a great concert accompanied by a fantastic laser show at the Palais in Brussels.
02 October 2014
Laserworld at the PLASA London.
Great beam specifications, analogue color modulation, fast scanners and user-optimized handling make these laser lights very versatile in use.
18 August 2014
More than 30 Laserworld laser systems at EDC Las Vegas.
The Laser Shows were staged by Lasertainment, Laserworld’s partner for US.
07 June 2014
Laserworld Diode Series – new product line.
Price drop for pure diode laser lights with new Laserworld Diode Series.
08 April 2014
BeamNET Series - more than laser light, more than an effect.
Laserworld recently published their new BeamNET Series. Unlike previous show laser lights, the BeamNET are pure effect solutions without beam deflection, but as extra strong single beam units. Two...
20 March 2014
Phoenix4 Software Update.
The new Phoenix4 software update - version 4.2 - with many new features and further developments is available now and absolutely free of charge for all Phoenix clients!
02 March 2014
Laserworld presents ATTO and FEMTO Series at the Prolight+Sound.
Laserworld (Switzerland) AG presents its two latest product series: the RTI ATTO and the RTI FEMTO Series, launched end of 2013.
16 January 2014
Laserworld CS-2000RGB NET SET, incl. Phoenix LIVE.
Special offer and limited quantity! Specially configured bundle: Powerful RGB laser device with up to 2,000mW and integrated network solution, Phoenix Live Soft and 3 m LAN cable.
14 January 2014
Laserworld Proline Series.
Laserworld published a new product range to fill the gap between the very budget solutions of the Club Series and the more professional Pure Micro Series.
04 January 2014
New high performance net interface.
Laserworld releases the MicroNet Slim - a new high performance network interface for Phoenix Showcontroller.
01 January 2014
New Phoenix Laser Shows for free.
Good news for all users of the software of Phoenix Showcontroller: Several new and professional laser shows can be downloaded for free!
21 December 2013
Laserworld releases new product: The RTI ATTO RGB 1.7.
This professional complete laser system is so small that it can fit into hand luggage on a flight.
26 November 2013
Laserworld Starts New Generation of Show Laser Lights.
The RTI FEMTO comes with a newly developed white light laser module, diode equipped for all colors including green.
22 July 2013
Laserworld CS-1000RGB 3D: New strong laser light system with glass and 3D effects.
The CS-1000RGB 3D is not only a normal laser light projector, but it comes with several special effects that can be selected.
20 December 2012
Laserworld has sent laser beams over Lake Constance.
Laserworld caused a sensation on the evening of the 6th of December 2012 and attracted high attention to the media. Eight high end devices of the RTI Piko and Nano Series have been used with a total...
24 October 2012
Laserworld new products October 2012.
EL-200RGB & EL-250RGB Micro: a short presentation for some of Laserword's new products which are becoming bestsellers!
07 September 2012
PLASA 2012: Laserworld launches Pure Micro Series.
Laserworld will launch the new Pure Micro Series, a compact laser system that eliminates the need for 'truck loads of equipment for one single laser system'.
02 September 2012
Laserworld Water Screen Set 2m.
Laserworld Water Screen Set 2m is suitable for indoor and outdoor events as well as for fixed installations.
30 August 2012
EXTREME POWER: The NANO ULTRA systems go far beyond normal show laser applications!
01 August 2012
Laserworld Pure Micro Series.
The brand new SwissLas Pure Micro Series sets new standards in terms of high power lasers in extremely small housings.
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