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350m2 MG7 P5.9 outdoor from Yes Tech at Click Square in Indonesia
350 square meters Magic Stage led screen has been applied outdoor at Click Square to be an important part for its High-Techno equipment.
350m2 Magic Stage from Yes Tech at Click Square in Indonesia
Recently, Click Square (the biggest electronic products mall in Indonesia) opened for business and Mr Liang Jun, the general manager of YES TECH, was invited to attend this opening ceremony.

350 square meters Magic Stage led screen has been applied outdoor fixed at Click Square to be an important part for its High-Techno equipment.

The total area of Click Square reaches 59.58 thousands square meters, which is the first creative-techno community center in Indonesia and entertainment center, the place for creative community to gather. “All of ancillary facilities we chose High-Techno equipment to meet the square’s creative-techno community and entertainment center’s design.”

Magic Stage MG7 P5.9 led screen from YES TECH was installed as 3 big screens. Two of them are used to display advertisement and show activities information, the other one are used to provide supports for activities, theme information show and so on.

“We used Magic Stage led display for a lot of activities before, this is the first time we use it as an outdoor fixed one. The cabinet is very light, which is a big advantage compared with those traditional outdoor screen. And its fast maintenance is a perfect performance for being used as a fixed display.”

About Magic Stage series led screen, people always put their attention to its multi-use and various creative shapes in the rental display market. In fact, there are more possibilities than what you might think, especially in its applications. For outdoor fixed, it also has big advantages.

Except the above-metioned, it is also with high contrast ratio, good display effective and comfortable viewing angle; it is with excellent heat dissipation; its intelligent adjustment system can avoid waste energy and light pollution; its IP grade is up to IP65 (completely preventing the dust access / water wash); it can be used in harsh environments, no fear of any terrible weather.

Nowadays, led display applications become more and more widely used. The creative-techno community center is not only a shopping place, but also a high-techno equipment gather center to meet customers’ entertainment requirements. So it is the first steps for modern market to choose a led screen which can meet its design idea to intensify customers’ entertainment experience.

Info: www.yes-led.com

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