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Jbn Sound Ceiling the envy of Broadbeach.
The Gold Coast's latest hot destination is The Envy Hotel, a uniquely different venue in the heart of Broadbeach.

Formerly Brannigans, The Envy Hotel delivers four levels of pure opulence from the ground up. For dining choose The Envy Bistro, for socializing hang out in the chic Envy Lounge Bar, and for grooving the night away you won't find better than the Envy Nightclub.
Jbn Sound Ceiling for the Envy Hotel.
On the ground floor you'll find The Envy Bar with its very modern design including glass stairs to one side and funky dry bars. The Envy Bar opens out directly on to the very busy Broadbeach mall via large bi fold doors that allow the wonderful Gold Coast weather to flow through the venue.

Opening your venue to the elements is a wonderful idea but how do you pacify the sound police in such a built up area? The answer is the revolutionary Jbn Sound Ceiling.

"I've been dealing with Jbn Sound Ceilings for years as it is such a good product," commented Peter Shaw, managing director of Peter Shaw Electronics who specified and installed the audio visual system for the venue. "The Jbn Sound Ceiling allows us to get good sound levels without the noise spreading out into the mall. The Envy Bar has a high ceiling and the mall on its doorstep and if its'noise levels reach a certain dB level at a certain distance from the venue, the Liquor Licensing people will shut it down in an instance and fine them big money. Fortunately the Jbn Sound Ceiling means this won't happen."

Bruce Thurston, CEO of National Hotel & Gaming Group Pty Ltd who own The Envy Hotel, is delighted with his Jbn Sound Ceiling saying it has resulted in both happy patrons and happy neighbours.

"The Jbn Sound Ceiling allows us to leave our airport doors wide open so that the beautiful Queensland weather can come in," he said. "The design of the Jbn Sound Ceiling with its'directional speakers allows us to provide entertainment at a level that patrons expect and want, but the further you move from under the speakers the noise drops significantly. Our acoustic consultant believes the db level drops by over 10db three meters away from the source."

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