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Laura Pausini celebrates 20 years as an artist with Le Maître and Magic FX
To celebrate her 20 years as an artist, the globally recognised singer Laura Pausini used both Le Maître and Magic FX during her The Greatest Hits World Tour in Italy.
Laura Pausini celebrates 20 years as an artist with Le Maître and Magic FX
Internationally renowned Italian singer Laura Pausini is continuing her Greatest Hits World Tour, which started in Italy in December 2013. The tour has taken her all over Europe, North and South America, and Australia.

Laura Pausini has used astonishing and historic locations for each of her Italian concerts. The open-air theater “Gran Teatro” next to the Torre del Lago Puccini in Tuscany, the Roman amphitheater in Verona, the ancient Greek theatre of Taormina in Sicily and the Royal Palace of Caserta next to Naples are some examples.

For all her concerts in Italy, the team of Laura Pausini used two types of flame machines provided by Audio Effetti – the Salamander from Le Maître and the Flamaniac from Magic FX. The first company is based in the UK, whilst the second one is based in the Netherlands. Both companies have productions in their respective country and Audio Effetti is the Italian distributor for both.

The combination of using these two brands were a technical request from the Lighting Designer in charge of Laura Pausini’s show to ensure the best and most spectacular effects.

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