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Volta para MADRIX
MADRIX is introducing new products at Prolight+Sound.
The new MADRIX® 3.2 is the second major update to add many more improvements to the modern LED lighting control software.
MADRIX is introducing new products at Prolight+Sound.
One year ago, MADRIX® 3.0 introduced a leading-edge feature set to fully be able to control 3D LED projects with ease. The new MADRIX 3 software series also includes many more new and enhanced elements that take LED lighting control to a whole new level.

The new MADRIX® 3.2 is the second major update to add many more improvements to the modern LED lighting control software.

MADRIX® is well-known for its built-in lighting effects that are easy to use and fully customizable. Three new effects have been added to the effects library to vastly increase the flexibility for individual visuals again.

SCE Fire makes a return. As a complement to SCE Flames, both effects easily provide a comfortable atmosphere. SCE Counter is a completely new development and an effect many users were asking for. Its main use is the countdown, but it also greatly boosts the possibilities to display any text with and without additional animations. SCE Screen Capture is the newest option to bring external content into the software and the lighting design. It is already possible to include images, videos, and streams. Now, additional content can be integrated via screen capturing. This opens up new possibilities for pixel mapping (2D) as well as voxel mapping (3D).

In MADRIX® 3.2, a variety of new features has also been implemented to improve the workflow of users. Among others, these include useful additions to the Patch, Fixture Editor, as well as CITP. The new update further provides improvements across the board for better reliability. Moreover, support for MADRIX® LUNA 4 and MADRIX® LUNA 16 has been added. Both hardware units will be presented at Prolight+Sound 2014 for the first time besides MADRIX® LUNA 8, which is already available since last year.

The MADRIX® 3.2 Release Candidate is already available for download at www.madrix.com for anyone who is keen to check out the new features in advance. MADRIX® 3.2 will be available for users for free shortly after Prolight+Sound 2014.

Please join inoage and MADRIX® at Prolight+Sound 2014 in Hall 11.0 on booth A12 for hands-on presentations and to learn more about the new products.

Info: www.madrix.com

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