Special Effects

The use of special effects in a concert, ceremony, TV show, company presentations and conventions, weddings and many other events - especially fire effects, confetti, bubbles and dry ice, foam cannons, lasers - undoubtedly makes the show stunning. In the same way, all this equipment must be used and managed in maximum safety and, precisely by their nature, must never and in no way represent a risk for operators and artists.

For this reason, in Audio Effetti we have selected over the years, brands and technologies that comply with all relevant patents and are subject to the highest level of quality and safety standards.

In our catalog you will find:

  • Machines for C02
  • Flame effects and fire fountains
  • Spark effects (cold fountains)
  • Smoke and fog effects
  • Snow effects
  • Confetti effects
  • Streamer effects
  • Laser
  • Spare parts and consumables

How to navigate the world of special effects in total safety?

The world of special effects is very varied and the market is teeming with poor quality products and improvised companies. If not reliable and not compliant with the reference standard, flame effects, CO2 machines, dense smoke generators, spark effects, fire fountains can be really dangerous.
For this reason it is important, once again, to rely on a well-prepared interlocutor with extensive experience in the sector. Audio Effetti boasts a team of product specialists dedicated to the special effects department who have been supplying and collaborating for years with the most prestigious and innovative productions and above all are able to choose and select leading brands and trademarks in the sector.

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