The world of Video is extremely complex and varied. Projectors, LFDs (Large Format Displays), IFPs (Interactive Flat Displays), Unified Communications and collaboration devices, professional cameras, video production equipment, teleprompters, editing and post-production systems, LED and Video walls, signal processing / streaming / encoding systems, media servers, etc.
In a world where the image is of great importance, we at Audio Effetti have undoubtedly managed to carve out a leading role in the market. 
A success that we have achieved thanks to the continuous search for innovative and functional products, at the service of technicians and creatives, more and more attentive to the choice of winning technologies.

What is required for a video device?

Whether it's a 4K camera, a large LED wall, a monitor for video editing or graphics, definition is, today, one of the fundamental requirements. FHD, 4K, 8K and beyond, Audio Effetti has always kept pace with the times and offers truly reliable and universally recognized equipment as a standard. 

In our catalog you can choose between:

  • Projectors and video projection screens
  • Video monitors and displays
  • Professional cameras
  • LED walls
  • Video signal processors and matrixes
  • Players and recorders
  • Video streaming devices
  • Media servers
  • Accessories

How to move in such a large and varied sector?

The Professional Video is above all in continuous development; new formats and new technologies enter and leave the market very quickly. In this scenario, making the right choices and betting on the most innovative technologies becomes of primary importance. As a direct consequence, features such as scalability and the possibility of making future upgrades are also key elements for making the right choice.
If we talk about LED walls, much in demand in recent years, [nomesito ] can certainly make a difference. For some time now we have been importing and distributing the most requested and appreciated brands on the market, which have proven to guarantee unparalleled reliability and which have often contributed to the success of the most important events in the world.

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